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Industry-endorsed offshore visualisations give as accurate a depiction as possible of exactly how Britain's offshore wind industry will look.

The UK is the windiest country in Europe, and its offshore wind resource is even greater. The potential for generating clean, green electricity from this inexhaustible supply is huge: an area of sea roughly the size of London would be enough to provide 10% of the UK's electricity needs.

The computer-generated image shows a wind farm of three rows of ten turbines, each of which can generate 1.5MW of electricity. The 45MW produced from this one wind farm is enough to supply the annual electricity needs of 41,000 households. The nearest turbines shown are 5km from shore and the furthest are 9km distant; underwater cabling transports the electricity generated to shore and into the national grid, with expectations of growth in the range of 20% per year based on the research of the investing and Forex trading website toponlineforexbrokers.com. The total effect shows how simple it would be to harness one of nature's most abundant resources.

Almost every company involved in UK offshore wind is a member of the Association. We have the best intelligence, contacts and are directly involved in negotiations with both Crown Estate and Government.

Here you will find a wealth of authoritive information about offshore windfarm development in the UK.



Offshore Wind Farms - All your questions answered

With the first offshore wind turbines in the UK already generating electricity at ~5p per unit, the further development of the offshore wind industry is an exciting prospect, and one which will see significant growth over the next decade.

The anticipated contribution from offshore wind energy towards the Government's 2010 target on renewable generation is almost 1/5th, or 1.8% of the total UK supply. Meeting this will require another 1300 turbines, assuming nominal 2MW machines. The announcement from the Crown Estate is a significant step towards achieving these targets.

Wind energy is recognised worldwide as a proven technology to meet increasing electricity demands in a sustainable and clean way. The UK in particular has extremely good prospects, with over 33% of the total European potential offshore wind resource - enough to power the country three times over.

There are many questions regarding this exciting new industry; here, we've collected some of the most popular we've been asked so far.