Data Management

The COWRIE Data Management System is the source for all environmental records and information generated under the second Licensing Round for offshore renewables. COWRIE Ltd has created an infrastructure to handle all environmental data to be submitted to The Crown Estate by offshore renewables developers under the terms of the lease agreements and the data generated within COWRIE-funded research projects as well as RAG (Research Advisory Group) and MFA (The Marine and Fisheries Agency) data. COWRIE provides access to metadata (data about the data) and through search criteria and interactive maps allows registered users to find, view records and download data and information resources from the Data Catalogue. Once registered, users automatically gain public permissions allowing them to search through and download metadata, data and reports from the system. Users submitting metadata and data to the system will have their permissions changed as necessary; training and support is also provided to meet users’ requirements. There is advice on the website to help users as well as the contact details of the COWRIE Data Officer who is always on hand to help with any queries. There are also useful links, FAQs, white papers and COWRIE Data News pages. The Data Management plan is to ensure the long term access and archive of data and information for the renewables industry and the wider marine community.